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This new recording contains the World Premiere Recording of the following compositions:
“Sonata – Lettere a Fryderyk” by Angelo Gilardino
“Lubrico” by Edoardo Dadone
“Minuta” by Filippo Perocco
“Il libro dei volti – Quaderno secondo” by Carlo Boccadoro
And works by Claudio Ambrosini, Ennio Morricone, Salvatore Sciarrino, Michele Dall’Ongaro, Alessandro Solbiati, Nicola Campogrande, Marco de Biasi, Giovanni Sollima, Andrea Noce, Marco Ramelli, Cristiano Porqueddu, Alfredo Franco e Franco Cavallone.
Da Vinci Publishing
Out now, for orders:

I feel especially glad for this first recording of my Sonata “Lettere a Fryderyk”, composed on 2014 for the great Polish guitarist and dear friend Lukasz Kuropaczewski and now happily made available to listeners by the cherub of the guitar, Alberto Mesirca, to whom my works owe so much of their good reputation all over the world. Other recordings of this Sonata are announced: within the end of the year Edoardo Dadone for sure, and maybe a few more: I have been informed by about a dozen guitarists – one just yesterday from Iran – of projects for recordings of this piece, which – why should I hide this? – I am very fond of.