Other interpreters devoted a whole CD to my works. I list some of those recordings which I am aware of.

Gabriel Estarellas, the Spanish guitarist, recorded a a program entitled Gabriel Estarellas interpreta a Angelo Gilardino including all the works that, since 1970 to 2014, I wrote for and dedicated to him:

The above mentioned Angelo Marchese recorded three compositions which form a sort of homogenous tryptich in my solo guitar output:

The guitarist Alberto Mesirca took care of recording several works of mine, and this CD, whose program is devoted to 4 of the Sonatas I wrote for solo guitar:


A whole Gilardino program was recorded by Giulio Tampalini:

A few CDs with programs entirely devoted to my solo guitar music are included in the books of their scores.

The guitarist Alberto Mesirca recorded the series of 20 Studi facili, the series of  10 Studi brillanti and the series of 7 Preludi:

The guitarist Christian Saggese recorded Mozartiana n. 1 and Mozartiana n. 2:

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