Gianni Nuti: Per Angelo, De Profundis

Le toccanti parole di Gianni Nuti per l’elogio funebre di Angelo Gilardino.

English Translation (by Ermanno Brignolo)

«I speak today to those in this numerous gathering who feel like orphans, and therefore lost.Let us not be afraid: nothing is lost.

We pick from our Maestro the beauty of a fully accomplished life that came from a visitation, suffered through the maceration of a visionary and persistent research constantly threatened by the shortsightedness of the world, slowly bloomed into a florilegium of works, meetings, generous offerings to the young so thirsty of knowledge and art.In us there will not only remain a drone, an ostinato that bears our thoughts, accompanies our daily activities while shading them with a light grief.May, from the memory of you, Angelo, unfurl polyphonies and counterpoints that draw reveries on the ruins of the world, transform sorrows into bitter, incorporeal sweetnesses, may flow the essential gestures, the punctual words, the deep sounds of which you have been a scrupulous sculptor.

The end of such a full life, entirely devoted to finding its own meaning in music couldn’t but fade away into silence. You chose, Angelo, the same destiny that your beloved Debussy gave to his Melisande: the human soul, quiet, loves to disappear into loneliness. A light extinction, the one of the Honest people.But it is not over, our dear Angelo, you will not Rest In Peace: in every corner of the world a fragment of your music, the memories of one of your pupils, the papers of a passionate scholar, a stroke of the brush of your beloved son, a simple gesture of mine, in which I embodied yours many years ago will evoke you, like a spirit in the haze, like a glare on the rice fields in August.

And thanks to this, it is for us that the earth will be light.And undying will be our gratitude, indissoluble our filial love.»