Eighteen Concertos

My countryfellow (Piedmont, West-Northern Italy) Giovanni Battista Viotti wrote 29 concertos for his own instrument (the Violin) and Orchestra. I will never reach such a target, but nobody, in the future, will accuse me of laziness. So far, I have written 18 concertos, where the Guitar, either as a solo, or with other(s) solo instruments, is treated as a Queen. I do not know whether I will write a 19th concerto. So far, none of the 18 I already wrote remained unpremiered, but I believe that the life of a concerto should be longer that one day…
Double Quintet (Woodwinds and Strings) and Guitar
“Concerto di Sancto Lucio de Coumboscuro” (Guitar and 10 Instruments)
“Concerto di Matera” (Battente Guitar and 10 Instruments)

Guitar and Orchestra
“Leçons de Ténèbres” (Guitar and Orchestra)
“Concerto di Novgorod” (Russian Guitar and Orchestra)
“Concerto di Oliena” (Guitar and Orchestra)
“Cruces de Mayo” (Guitar and Orchestra)
“Concertino del falco” (Guitar and Orchestra)
“Concertino di Hykkara” (Guitar and Orchestra)
“Liederkonzert” (Two Guitars and Orchestra)
“Concerto del Sepeithos” (Two Guitars and Orchestra)
“Concerto Italiano” (Four Guitars and Orchestra)

Guitar, another solo Instrument and Orchestra
“Fiori di Novembre” (Mandolin, Guitar and Orchestra)
“Jerusalem Concerto” (Mandolin, Guitar and Orchestra)
“La casa delle ombre” (Flute, Guitar and String Orchestra)
“Concerto di Ventotene” (Flute, Guitar and Orchestra)
“En las tierras altas” (Guitar, Accordion and String Orchestra)
“Star of the Morning” (Guitar, Cello and Orchestra)
“Concerto-Serenata” (Bass Clarinet, Guitar and String Orchestra)