A great 2018

Let me express my warm thank-you to those persons who made my 2018 (the 77th year of my life) lighter and brighter than it could have been without their presence, help and support. Firstly, those who take care of my music: publishers, interpreters, reviewers, organizers, etc.: the list is a very long one indeed, considering the steady growth of my catalogue: in spite of my age, also this year I wrote a Concerto, two large scale Suites for solo guitar and also a couple of short pieces, and I am firmly willing to fill my promises for those who are kindly and patiently waiting for the piece(s) they asked me to write (about a dozen works).

With adding to God’s help my goodwill, I trust myself being able to bring to an end during 2019 
at least the same amount of music I wrote this year. I believe there is nobody all over the world who could complain for a promise which I left unfilled. With getting older, it takes more time to me to pay my honor debts, but I could never disappoint a person to whom I told: I will do this for you. This would hurt me more than him/her. I have a special thank-you to address to those persons who, in Rome (Guitar Expo, March) and in Florence (Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini, October) awarded me with career prizes, which I have appreciated very much. Finally, I feel very glad indeed for all what happened this year, the 50th anniversary of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco death: I am proud of having written his biography and of taking an affectionate editorial care of his music, in course of publication by Edizioni Curci, Milano: this makes me a better musician and, hopefully, a better human being 365 days a year.