Arpeggione what?

We have already many versions of this masterpiece, yet one – a special one – was not foreseen. One day, I thought of sitting down and being a guitarist living in Wien at the time of Schubert – a Matiegka, a Diabelli, a Giuliani. And of having received the visit of a rich guitar amateur who entrusted me – not with transcribing: it would be impossibile – but with re-thinking, re-making , re-writing the Sonata dell’Arpeggione within the borders of the modest solo guitar.

I worked hardly and I did it. I aimed to create, with it, the highest classical guitar Sonata in the purest Viennese style. I couldn’t play a single note of it: the wisest side of myself suggested me to keep in my mind the sound of that marvel, in wait of someone who could match it with his musicianship, technique and inspiration, with his true playing.

It happened one hour ago. Alberto Mesirca sent me the files of his magnificent recording of Schubert-Gilardino “Sonata dell’Arpeggione”, and what I listened to persuaded me that I hadn’t dreamt an impossible dream: it sounds!

Now, guitarists, you have it.